Getting the most value out of data is the primary aim of the digital industry and this is where all our skills, services and vision combine.

We believe that to process data efficiently, you need the right technology. You need the right internal networks and hosting.

We believe that in order to process data securely, you need to understand what that data is an understand the risks of a loss of confidentiality, integrity or accessibility. Once that is known, you can ensure you have the appropriate Information Security systems in place; perhaps, for example, around Data Loss Prevention or managed firewalls.

We believe that in order to meet data protection requirements, you need to have access to high quality data protection advice so that you can make informed decisions based on your requirements and risk appetite.

We believe that you cannot do any one of these things properly without taking the others into consideration. Data Processing needs to be efficient, secure and lawful.

We know we can help with these three aspects of data processing individually or as a whole by helping you break down internal barriers and help you Manage Data Fearlessly.

Our supported and managed data protection services, penetration testing, security scanning and network services are probably going to be of interest.

Want to understand the Mistakes that cost BA £20m?

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