Webinar: DPO – Do I Need to Appoint One?

With the first GDPR fine under our belt, and more due soon, the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) will continue to be sought after.

Yet for many organisations, there is no legal requirement to appoint one. A Data Protection Lead, supported by management, may be enough.

In this webinar, Gary Shipsey, Director of Data Protection Services talks about when, and how, to appoint a DPO.

Webinar Talking Points:

  • Option 1: DPO or DP Lead

– What appointing a DPO means, and why its not right for everyone

  • Option 2: Recruit or V DPO-as-a-Service (DPOaaS)

– What are the various pros and cons of recruiting a DPO

– How to weigh up the costs and flexibility of a DPOaaS

– “Are you an expert…or a moonlighting [insert profession here]”

  1. The newly “qualified” “certified” expert
  2. The experts in other subjects
  3. The subject matter expert (singular)
  4. The subject matter experts (team)
  • Don’t do Option 3 (do nothing)

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