Education IT Security

We do not have any experience in teaching beyond our eLearning platform (which we are quite proud of), but from our experience, schools face challenges in three key areas. Teachers and pupils want technology that ‘just works’. Management want to concentrate on teaching over technology and the Board need to ensure that their regulatory risks are managed.

For us, these three challenges are one of the same. You need to have reliable, managed technology in place so that can support your students and teachers with the appropriate security and data protection controls that facilitates the delivery of lessons rather than impeding it and smooths administration.

Our approach to technology, security and data protection (the GDPR) is that we find the best way to help you achieve your goals, not block them. We find the most appropriate solutions that meet your requirements at the best value so you can get on with what you have experience of and what you do best: teaching.

Our supported and managed data protection services, network services and Microsoft 365 management services are probably going to be of interest.

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