Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security Services

Our Approach

Data might be the most valuable resource in the world, but that does not mean that it should automatically be locked down to a point where using that data is nearly impossible. We believe that all Information Security decisions should be based on appropriate measures for the data concerned, usability and, even before the ICO fined British Airways £20m under the GDPR, aligned to data protection law.

Our services provide reassurance, ensuring practicality and remediate risk.

Our People

Good Information Security requires expertise. At Protecture we have built a team of security specialists and experienced IT technicians that our clients can call on to solve almost any technical and security issue regardless of how large or intricate.

Environment Review

The British Airways enforcement (See our technical analysis here) identified numerous basic failures in their Information Security management. Of those, many would have resulted in the attack being stopped or detected before any damage was done. Our environment review addresses this.

We discuss and agree a scope, document an environment, identify risk and propose remedial action.

Whether it is an estate of 20 desktop computers or 1000 across multiple sites with in-house developed services, we have the knowledge, experience and resources and experience to identify and remediate the risks.

Cyber Essentials

To give provide the most basic level of reassurance, we recommend Cyber Essentials. For organisations that have not pursued any Information Security standard before, this is where to start. It is easy to understand and potentially quick and affordable to achieve. At the time of writing, the assessment costs £300.

Cyber Essentials is a requirement for bidding on government contracts and, should a company turnover less than £20m, includes free Cyber Liability Insurance.

We conduct a pre-assessment to make sure clients are ready and then complete the self-assessment process.

Cyber Essentials Plus

There are two differences between Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. The first is that Plus requires an internal security scan. The second is that Cyber Essentials is self-certified, Cyber Essentials Plus is audited by a third party thereby providing far greater reassurance.

Having done our research and worked with other providers, we have decided to partner with to provide independent auditing to our clients. We appreciate their combination of quality and value.

Want to understand the Mistakes that cost BA £20m?

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