Data Protection Consultancy


There may be changes that an organisation knows they need to make now or they may identify some periodically. Our data protection consultancy service is there to meet those transformative requirements.

We run our consultancy as outcome based formal projects informed by our in-house Data Protection Framework created from 60 years of data protection and legal experience. We work with our clients to discovered what it is they want to achieve and then get it done.

Should a client work through every item on our framework, they would on completion, be as close to compliant as it is possible to be.

Scoping Assessment

One piece of our consultancy is so popular that it deserves a mention of its own. Our readiness assessment very quickly takes a look at your organisation and highlights where the biggest risks are in both a detailed way suitable for a Data Protection officer and a high-level way suitable for review at Board level.

Based on our Data Protection Framework it helps organisations identify what should be tackled first.

This service is perhaps our best value given the insight it provides.

Protecture are here to help and support with any data protection requirements you and your business need. Use our expertise to help achieve your data protection and privacy goals. We can help you with strategic consultancy, staff training and awareness, policy writing and process analysis and advice.

If you engage with a Protecture consultant, you get the knowledge and experience of the entire team. Our experts have over 40 combined years of practical experience turning the law into practice for companies of all sizes. We work with a range of sectors including; education, charities, government, care providers and more.

Do you need some help from a data protection expert? Take full advantage of our free consultation, offered to all new customers. Give us a call on 01743 636 562 or fill out our contact form here. One of our helpful team with contact you shortly to talk about how our consultancy services can help you and your business.

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