Data Protection eLearning

Data Protection eLearning Introduction

Almost all staff will handle personal data in some form. Making sure they handle it appropriately is key.

Why Choose e-Learning?

Staff who handle personal data need to know the essential aspects of the law.

Accessible training is key, and so are records to evidence that training has been delivered. e-Learning can help demonstrate accountability, your duty of care to staff and maintain the trust of those whose personal data you handle.

With our e-Learning courses you can achieve your training goals, reduce risks and meet your statutory requirements.

Our e-Learning Modules

  • Introduction to Data Protection
  • What is Data Protection?
  • Special Category Data
  • Is it Legal?
  • Working with Suppliers
  • Managing Risk
  • Data Hoarding
  • Transparency
  • SARS and Rights
  • IT Use
  • Scam Defence 101
  • What is a Breach?

Why Choose Protecture?

We have used our years of practical experience to create twelve bitesize modules of essential information.

These give your staff a clear sense of their responsibilities, key requirements, actions to take and when to seek further advice.

Each course is a few minutes and allows you to monitor culture by department. Staff can take them as part of an induction or over a longer period to suit their training needs.

Want to understand the Mistakes that cost BA £20m?

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