Data Protection Support

Data Protection Support

Our Data Protection Support service is for organisations that manage their own data protection, however, requires assistance.

The service comprises of the following elements:

Service Desk

You will be given access to our online portal where you can log queries, questions and requests for advice. Our team of Data Protection and Information Security consultants will then promptly answer them allowing you to progress internal projects, manage subject access requests, develop your policies, or embed your data protection culture in house. Whilst we have a fair use policy, there is no limit to the number of queries you can raise.

Client Area

Our client area is filled with documents, guidance and advice on how to progress data protection within your organisation. It is kept up date and is constantly refreshed as case law emerges or the ICO issues new enforcements. You will also have access to our Data Protection Framework.

Breach Management

If you have a data protection breach and need urgent advice on how to manage it, you can call us and we will assist you. We will spend whatever time is needed to get you to the best possible outcome.

Data Protection Support Professional

We have a number of clients who have Data Protection Officers (DPOs) who use us for advice. The breadth of our experience means that they have somewhere to turn if they have a query or situation that is out of their experience. DP Support Professional is everything in the Data Protection Support package above, but with one significant difference. You will have access to a senior Data Protection Consultant at short notice to assist with urgent queries.

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