Firewalls and Security Appliances

Firewalls and Security Appliances

Firewalls used to perform one function: they defined how different types of data could move through them. They provided basic protection against hackers and data loss. Next generation firewalls and security appliances are considerably more fully featured.

With the ability to perform malware checks on data before it enters the network, perform application level filtering and rules that can be configured by device type, next generation firewalls greatly improve the security of a network.

To offer best in class firewalls and security appliances we have partnered with WatchGuard and Cisco Meraki. At Protecture we are able to provide you the best firewall suitable for your business regardless of your size or requirements.

Not sure what firewall is suitable for you? Give one of our specialists a call on 01743 636 562 and they can talk through your requirement and provide you with the best solution for your business.

Looking for more Technology Management solutions? We also offer the following; Microsoft 365, Cloud Backup and IT Networking.


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