You have a very difficult job. Not only do you own the responsibility for raising money for good causes, but you also have to balance targets with Data Protection laws; two things that are in constant conflict. The more you do with your data, the more money you can raise, however there is constant pressure to use data in ways that run close to being against the GDPR.

We have helped over 150 fundraising departments and we know your predicament.

We are different in two ways to your average data protection company. We wont tell you what you cannot do, we will find a way for you to do what you need to and, if you are obligated to undertake aggressive data processing, we will work with you to minimise the risks for both yourselves and the data subject.

The second way in which we are different is that we can help you process your data so you get the most out of it. Our experience working with other fundraising teams means we understand the methods used.

If that is not what you expected from a Data Protection company, that is because our aim is to help you Manage Data Fearlessly

Want to understand the Mistakes that cost BA £20m?

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