Managed Data Protection

Managed Data Protection

Our Managed Data Protection service is where we manage the day to day aspects of data protection with you.

We work to understand what your requirements are and build a package to meet them. This will include:

  • SAR management
  • Client process discovery
  • Records of compliance management
  • Data protection impact assessments
  • Structured advice
  • Management reporting
  • Information security reviews and guidance
  • Project engagement
  • Data protection support professional
  • e-Learning (optional)

We aim to take the problem of data protection management away from you, leaving you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

We aim to take the problem of data protection management away from you leaving you to focus on your core business.

Whilst we focus on quality, we work to ensure that this service saves you money over managing in-house.

Managed Data Protection with DPO

If an organisation processes large amounts of special category data, very large amounts of personal data or wish to be on a government bidding framework, they may be obligated or choose to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Either way, we can fulfil that statutory role.

This service includes all aspects of the standard Managed Data Protection Service, however, includes the following items that are vital for the proper functioning of a Data Protection Officer role.

  • Annual deep dive readiness assessment
  • Risk log
  • Risk treatment plan
  • Board reporting

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