Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Why do I need Multifactor authentication?

If you have a mobile workforce or if you use cloud solutions that contain personal data, multifactor authentication is now essential.

Staff and system passwords and the maintenance of these can be notoriously difficult to manage. Using stolen credentials to breach network resources is the #1 tactic that hackers use. By requiring additional proof of identity beyond a simple password, multi-factor authentication is the single most important safeguard to protect your business.

21% of cyber security incidents reported to the ICO in Q1 2020 were related to unauthorised access; MFA is powerful defence.


BA Breach and Fine

In June 2018, an attacker obtained credentials for five accounts linked to British Airways supplier portal. These could have been obtained in a number of ways. They could have been purchased, obtained through social engineering, use of a keylogger or a security camera watching the keyboard.

Using these credentials, the hacker was able to infiltrate BA’s network and steal 108,000 payment records and, for a period of three months, steal the data from every transaction on BA’s website.

They were fined £18m for the breach by the Information Commissioner Office in October 2020.

With multifactor authentication the breach would likely have not occurred. We can help with configuring Office 365 Security and Compliance, Meraki Duo and others.

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Want to understand the Mistakes that cost BA £20m?

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