Webinar: How to Conduct a Data Protection Audit – from your desk


Data Protection touches so many areas of an organisation. So where do you start an audit?

You might want to know if your policies and procedures cover all the areas they should. Or you might be trying to understand whether they are sufficient for your setting. You might be seeking a robust test to learn whether they are working in practice.

The first question should always be: what do you want from an “audit?” Establishing this will increase the chance that your audit delivers useful insight and recommendations.

At Protecture, we’ve been asked to “audit data protection compliance” hundreds of times. Learn from Gary Shipsey, Director of Data Protection Services, and Tony Marshall, Head of Engagement as they about their experience conducting audits.

Webinar talking points:

1. What do we mean by “audit”?
2. The different types of audit
3. Who should do it? Internal or external audit
4. Scope – manage expectations from the start
5. Who will see this? Considering the audience(s) for your audit report
6. Then what? Taking actions and moving things forward

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